Things You Need To Know About Allergy Shots


The Allergy Shots will sound weird to the majority of people, who haven’t heard about it. In medical term, the Allergen immunotherapy is referred as the allergy shots and it is a kind of treatment. It is a long-term treatment for the people who are suffering from allergic asthma, rhinitis, stinging insect allergy and conjunctivitis.

It helps people to get their body used to the allergens which cause the allergic reaction. However, the shots cannot completely cure the allergies but only reduces the allergenic symptom to the patients eventually. The allergic shot is a better option for the people, whose allergy drugs don’t work. People who are suffering from the allergic symptoms more than 3 months in a year should consider this treatment.

Do allergy shots really work?

The allergist or the immunotherapy doctor will inject a small dosage of substances under the skin that the patients are allergic to. It will help the patient’s body to get used with the allergen and that finally reduces the frequent symptoms. The users who wish to take this treatment should initially consult with the allergist, who has been certified by the American Board of Allergy and Immunology. It is suitable for the users, who have been suffering from this condition often. For some people the allergic medication may not work, they also need to consider this treatment for gaining better results.

Allergy shots are suitable for the children who are above 2 years and for all adults. However, the users, who are suffering the following diseases, should not take this treatment.

  • Heart conditions
  • Severe asthma
  • The users who are under Beta-Blocker medication and MAO inhibitors
  • High blood pressure
  • Glaucoma

Initially, the allergist will check the patient’s medical history and the drug will be injected to the users if their health status is stable.

Side effects and cost of Allergy Shots

In general, the allergy shots are safe to take but some of the minimal side effects may occur to the patients. The minimal side effects caused by the allergic shots usually go away within 24 hours. It causes the same allergic symptoms like itching, watery eyes & sneezing to some of the users. In some rare cases, the following symptoms will be accompanied by other side effects.

  • Difficulty in respiring the air
  • The throat or chest may feel so tight
  • Increased rate of heart beat
  • Light dizziness

The severe side effects of the allergy shots are known as Anaphylaxis and these will be caused if the users take the overdose than the prescribed level. The Anaphylactic Shock is the medical emergency and the users are highly recommended to follow the dosage as per the allergist’s instruction.

One year supply of the allergy shots may cost from $800 – $1000 for the first year. The price may decrease if the users have a solid medical insurance plan. So, the users are advised to take allergy shots to get relief from their allergic symptoms.

If you don’t want to take any Allergy shot, try natural remedies for allergies suggested by James on HealthEssential.

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